Training 26.2

training 26.2

Fleet Feet Sports Training 26.2 is a 14-week full marathon program for runners. For 2015, we will be offering the following Training 26.2 Programs:

Training 26.2 for the Richmond Marathon
Sponsored by Brooks

BrooksTraining starts the week of August 10 with race day on Saturday, November 14.  Registration will open in Spring 2015! Mark your calendars for Orientation Night on Wednesday, August 5 at 7:15pm at Fleet Feet Sports.  Learn more about the Richmond Marathon!

Included with registration into the program, participants can expect:

14 weeks of training for runners

Saturday morning long run group workouts at 7am AND Thursday evening group speed workouts at 6pm

Experienced coaches and mentors to support you along the way

Educational clinics on topics such as nutrition, injury prevention and hydration/fueling

Cool moisture-wicking shirt & other goodies

Opportunity to earn a cool Completion Prize

Weekly Email Newsletter

Optional coach-to-participant meeting prior to the start of the program to help you customize your training plan



Q: What is the cost of registration and how do I register?

A: The cost is $150. Registration will be available online in Spring 2015. Please note that registration for the race is NOT included.

Q:  What are the requirements for joining?

A:  You are required to currently be able to run ten miles comfortably and must be injury-free for a minimum of six months.  It is also highly recommended that you currently be running four days a week.  We have these requirements to prevent injuries and to make sure this is the best experience it can be for you.  We want everyone to succeed.  Participants must be 18 or older.

Please note that we have pace groups for the program.  The Run Groups include 10-11 and 11 - 12.  If you are not capable of maintaining these paces, then we recommend doing our half marathon program and working on your speed.

Q:  Do I have to be running the same goal race as the program is designed for?

A:  No, you are more than welcome to run ANY race and still train with us! 

Q:  If I have already run an endurance event but am looking for a group to train with, is this program right for me? 

A:  You are always welcome to join in on the fun and reap the motivational and educational benefits that the program provides!  It is a great way to meet new people who share common goals.

 Q:  If I have to miss a workout or clinic, can I still do the program?

A:  Of course you can still do the program!  We would love to have every trainee at every workout and clinic, but understand that life and obligations may get in the way.  Just make sure you are completing your training runs independently so you don’t fall behind in your progress. 

Q:  What does the training schedule look like?

A:  The schedule has you running or run/walking four days a week with your long run on Saturday.  Trainees are encouraged to take at least one rest day a week, walk on Sunday and can also incorporate cross-training (yoga, swimming, cycling, etc.).  The first Saturday workout is nine miles, and we will work up to 20 miles.  For run/walkers, your intervals will be two minutes of running and one minute of walking for the entire program and the group will be averaging a 13 minute per mile pace!

All participants have the option to choose a Custom Training Plan.  You will the opportunity to meet with Coach Monica and develop your weekly training plan based on your individual goals and current running level.

Q: Where do we meet and at what time?

A:  We meet off of Reserve Avenue at the parking lot with the Reserve Avenue Fields.  Thursday evening workouts will start at 6PM.  Saturday morning workouts will start at 7AM.  

Q:  What can I expect at group workouts?

A:  At our Training 26.2 group workouts, we start with general announcements and then break into our pace groups that will include a 10 - 11 pace and 11 - 12 pace.  Specific announcements, including route, intervals, introductions and safety will be covered within each individual group, along with dynamic stretching.  You will then warm-up and then start your workout!  Mentors will be there to set the pace for workouts.  We want everyone to be able to talk.  You are required to stay with a group/mentor at all times.  We ask you to do this for a couple reasons: 1) safety is our #1 priority and we do not want anyone running by themselves or without a mentor close-by and 2) it's more fun when you have people to talk to!

Participants are required to carry identification on them at all workouts that includes their emergency contact information.  If a participant has any allergies or health conditions, we ask that this information also be available.  If a participant has asthma, we ask that they carry their rescue inhaler.

Please note that earphones/headphones are NOT allowed at group workouts.

All outside running Apps on phones must be put on SILENT.

If you become injured, you will be asked to stop attending workouts unless you get permission from Coach Monica or your doctor.

You cannot switch to a different training program unless verified through Coach Monica.

Participants must wear shoes at all workouts.

Participants are required to wear reflective gear and a light to all evening workouts.

Q:  Are the clinics mandatory?

A:  No, but we strongly encourage you to come.  The speakers will be providing invaluable information that will help you stay healthy and injury-free as you reach your 26.2 goal! Plus, for each clinic you attend, you will be entered into a drawing to win great prizes at the end of the program.

Q:  Can I bring a stroller?

A:  Strollers are NOT allowed.

Q:  Can I bring a friend to a workout?

A:  Workouts are for registered participants only.

Q:  Can I bring a dog?

A:  No pets are allowed.

Q:  Is there a weather-policy?

A:  We would like to think that we can run in anything, but there are some situations that make running a hazard.  Please visit our Weather Policy Page  for complete details on when we will cancel workouts. Trainees will be notified of cancelled workouts on the Weather Policy Page, by email and on Facebook.

Please note:  all participants of Training 26.2 are REQUIRED to carry a hydration system and identification WITH them at all workouts.  Earphones are NOT allowed at workouts.  For additional safety information, please read our SAFETY POLICIES.

Balance Wellspace is a sponsor of the 2015 Training 26.2 Programs.

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