All of us at Fleet Feet Sports strongly believe in our training programs and how they can change lives!  Check out the following testimonials from our participants and mentors:

"I started the NOBO (No Boundaries Path to 5K) beginner run/walk program last February 2014 (after a 20 year hiatus from running and just moving to the Roanoke area), and it has changed everything for me. I have lost 50 pounds, no longer have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, off all medications, have made new and wonderful friends who keep me running (doing the Star 10K) and plan to train with Fleet Feet in the fall for a half marathon - with my new and wonderful running peeps!!!!! Fleet Feet and you Monica, the best training coordinator ever, have been the best part of moving to Roanoke. I think it was meant to be!!!! I can't thank you all enough." - Anne M.


“Why do I run? To be better. After my son was born I decided that I needed to be better for his sake as much as mine. So I started running (if you could call it that...). It was ugly, it was hard, and I hated it. But I was committed. I knew I needed a push to keep my momentum moving forward and by pure happenstance, I stumbled into a Fleet Feet training program. The most jarring and drastic change, for me and my journey anyway, is that I'm undeniably, apologetically happier than before I started running. Ignore the fact that running has helped me loose 100+ pounds, running has encouraged me to expand myself into an entirely new state of mind. Running has given me a confidence that I didn't realize I was missing. I'm healthier, happier, and just plain better because of running. Running, and running with Fleet Feet in particular, makes me happy. Fleet Feet has helped me to become better.   

Super mega thank you Monica and all of Fleet Feet Roanoke!!” – Sara P.

"I joined Fleet Feet's WalkFIT program in fall of 2014, I had a complete knee replacement in 2013 and needed something to challenge me more.... Walkfit and Fleet Feet have done that..... the friends, the support and the fun are more than anyone could ask for.... I have lost weight, my balance is better, and the laughter is just an extra bonus... I am so hooked on this program, I just completed my first ever timed event last Saturday and placed in my age bracket.... Yippee!!! This spring I volunteered to be a mentor and that has been very rewarding for me... giving bank to a program that gives so much to folks is a small way of contributing..... Coach Monica you are the BEST and the entire FLEET FEET Staff and Owners ROCK..." - Ann S.

"I started running last year with the Summer Sizzlin' program, because it was cheap and I wasn't sure if I could do it. After being born with asthma, smoking for almost 25 yrs (before quitting), having 2 babies at 37 & 38 then breastfeeding each for a year, I thought I owed it to myself and my kids to get healthy. I'm happy to say that in my 39/40th year, I'm running 3 half marathons, taking no medications, drinking a ton of water daily and eating healthier than ever.  Making it to the top of the mountain 2x with asthma and my "old smoker's lungs" sure felt good today! I know I would never have done it without my running group/Fleet Feet family! :)" - Sara B.

"I was in a rut. I was way overweight, out of breath just mowing the yard and lost as to what to do about it.  I was almost ready to just accept it as part of getting older. Then, my wife said she had heard from one of her friends about Fleet Feet having a couch to 5K program and that her friend loved it and said it was life changing for her.  So, in order to support my wife (and to have something else to do together since we were becoming empty nesters), I reluctantly decided to join her and signed up for the No Boundaries 5K program.

At first I did not follow directions very well.  The mentors told me to slow down and pace myself, but I just had to be at the group even though I was breathing like I was dying.  Within a couple of weeks, that fixed itself!  LOL and I was back in the pack where I should have been and began to actually like the feeling of running.  I liked the accomplishment and I liked how I felt every day after a run and the next morning even!  I couldn't believe it either, but I was no longer getting out of breath just climbing stairs in our house.

Well, the rest they say is history. I fell in love with running and what it did for me.  I remember running my first 5 miles and how amazing it felt to be able to do that at age 51.  I started gaining muscle and losing weight and it just kept getting better and better. I ran my first 10K within a year and a year after that, ran my first half marathon.  I've run 4 half marathons so far and I enjoy finishing each and every one of them.

I can tell you that my stamina is off the charts now, as compared to 3 years ago. I can run 8 or 10 miles, then mow the grass, pick up leaves, cut brush, carry boxes up from the basement....whatever... and I feel like I am strong.  I was never able to get anything close to this just lifting weights.  It is inexplicable.  How can running do so much???  Answer: It just does!  Accept it.

Fleet Feet has given me my life back again and I am ever so grateful!  They believed in me...until I believed in me.  They changed my life." - Wade T.

"I suffered from severe migraines that would leave me immobile. Since running (a year) I have had 2 to 3 severe migraines and just a handful of mild headaches. I was having severe anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week every week. So glad I found Fleet Feet!" - Nikki J.

"I have never been really active in my life.  All I ever do is work, work and work.  I always struggled with good healthy balance in my daily activities.  It is truly unbelievable all the excuses I came up with to get out of exercise.  September of 2014, I joined Fleet Feet beginners running program, and I can honestly say that it has slowly changed my life.  Before Fleet Feet, I had knowledge about healthy eating and exercising.  I never applied this knowledge for more than a week or two.  With this program, I got up at 7am to run in the cold weather.  This was something I never thought I could do before.  Thanks to this amazing program I did and I LOVED every second of it.  Mentors, coaches and fellow participants give you so much positive energy.  It is always nice to see that you are not the only one struggling.  I think there is this image of a runner that most people expect to see.  Running on the Greenway, you can see that we runners come in all shapes and sizes, some run faster than others.  The only thing one can do is their best, and when you give it your best IT IS ALWAYS ENOUGH.

I still struggle to this day, but I think making a daily effort will go long ways!  Making life changes and healthy habits is always FUN and sometimes challenging.  I injured my knee skiing and still would never consider giving up running." - Ivana P.

"I joined NOBO because I always wanted to be a runner. I've recently lost 50 pounds and am still on the journey to living a healthy life.  NOBO has helped me to be more active through running, increased my love for the outdoors, and allowed me to meet people who have similar goals. I hope to one day be a mentor so I can empower people just like the mentors have done for me!" - Andre D.

Long FF Line

"When I joined NoBo, I had recently lost my job and was on no fewer than six medications for bipolar disorder.  I had always told myself that I couldn't run, but what did I have to lose?  I grew to love my NoBo time and, with it, running!  It gave me a tremendous sense of accomplishment and boosted my confidence.  That the other runners and mentors were very friendly and encouraging was a big bonus!  Nine months later, I am running regularly.  Best of all, I have discontinued four of my medications and am now tapering down on the last two.  I feel great!  My running confidence led to a fabulous new job, and I am very happy. So, thanks so much for all you do for NoBo!  You have changed at least one life - mine!" - Anonymous NOBO Participant (2014 - '15)

"Joining Fleet Feet has brought so much joy and love into my life. With each new race and training program I sign up for allows me to meet new friends. The sense of encouragement that everyone gives to one another who mostly started out as strangers is AMAZING!!" - Angela H.

"I am a huge supporter of Fleet Feet. Back in the spring of 2011 my athletic friends suggested I do a triathlon since I could swim. I did not know how to run or ride a bike. I have been a swimmer for over 40 years. I never ran in my life and really did not like to run. I thought the 600 in grade school was awful. I signed up for the 5k program in the spring of 2011. I thought going 1/4 mile was so hard. The staff and mentors did a great job! I made it and through the program met some wonderful people. There are 4 of us that still run together.

The other reason I started to run was for a weight bearing activity. As an orthopedic nurse I realized that a weight bearing activity was very important for bone health. I read a study about  bone density that compared volleyball players, cyclists and swimmers. The swimmers were the worse but the cyclists were not far behind. The VB players had the better bone density. I realized as a fair, older female that I needed to either walk or run. Getting out there to walk or run is great for your bones. It is even more important now since we don't get as much sun due to sun screen and working indoors. Taking that first step to get out there to walk/run is very important for your bones. Do it now before you develop problems down the line. Also having a bone density scan can tell you about your levels. Don't wait till is it too late, take care of your bones!" - Jenny K.

"Since becoming a mentor with Fleet Feet I have reduced my blood pressure medication from two to one medication and the one I still take was reduced by 50%. I have remained active and made many good Friends. Thanks Everyone."  - Tom M.

"First I have to say thank you for the incredible experience of running up Mill Mountain yesterday.  I am still riding high on the feeling of accomplishment!!!  Six months ago I would never have thought such a run  possible.  In fact, I never would have even considered trying!  With your coaching and encouragement, combined with the support of Fleet Feet running groups, I am doing things I had previously thought impossible.  This has truly been an amazing and life changing experience for me!  And the best part is it's not over!  Thank you so much to you and the Fleet Feet staff for making this possible!!" - Susan L.

"When I broke my leg in 2001, they told me I would walk with a limp and never run again. I started running again w/the NoBo program after my 2nd kid and have progressed to training and mentoring the 1/2 marathon and 10k program. Besides finding inspiration from the awesome people in my training groups, I also am always inspired by watching the Kona Ironman and the incredible runners that race against all the odds." – Nikki C.

"Exhilarating!  Exhausting!  Inspiring!  Amazing!  Participating in the Star-K will forever be a highlight for me in my running career, and it is definitely thanks to the Fleet Feet training program that I was able to accomplish such an astounding feat.  I loved my group and it was wonderful to share such a unique accomplishment with them.  As happy as I was to cross the finish line myself, it was even more exciting to be there to high-five and hug every member of my group as we all finished the race.  A genuine, heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone at Fleet Feet for the guidance and support.  It was a completely and thoroughly amazing experience.  I can't wait to do it again next year (but I'm going for the half!)!  And as a bonus, I dropped two pant sizes while gaining a wonderful group of oddballs as running buddies along the way." - Sara P.

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