The Essentials for Walking

Walking is simple.  You lace up your shoes and head out the door.  You don't need much, but there are some key items that will help make the experience better!

Treat your Feet!

Trade in your heels and flats and make sure to put on a good pair of walking shoes.  Your feet are your foundation and if they aren't supported the right way, your body isn't supported, which could lead to pain in your knees, hips, back and shins.  Not all shoes are created equal, even among well-known shoe brands, so make sure to get help from a professional (like the team at Fleet Feet Sports).   A professional will measure your feet, your arches, watch you walk and help find shoes that will support YOU.

And don't forget about what sits next to your skin: your socks!  Socks make a big difference in keeping your feet dry and comfortable, and preventing blisters and hot spots.

And finally, for some walkers, insoles make a big difference.  Insoles help to "customize" the fit of the shoe for you, and provide additional support and comfort.

Again, GET HELP! Stop by Fleet Feet Sports and learn more!

Make sure to Drink!

With any exercise, hydration plays a key role in how your body feels! Especially during warmer days, getting in the water and electrolytes your body needs is essential.  We hear many people say, "Well, I'm not running, so why does it matter?"  Even walking, your body NEEDS hydration to prevent muscle cramping and to perform.  Grab a water bottle to take with you on your walk, or keep a bottle by your desk. 

Be Safe!

Whether your walking with a group or buddy, or alone, there are some tips to keep you safe:

Identification.  It's always a good idea to wear or carry identification on you, with emergency contact information.  You can also include any medical concerns (allergy/medications).  There's a company called Road I.D. that makes some simple and effective products!

Be Seen.  If you're walking when it's dark, whether early morning or late at night, make sure to wear something that will allow you to be seen.  This can be a reflective vest, blinky lights, anything that would draw attention to you so drivers and other pedestrians will see you.

What to Wear

Usually, we're big fans of wearing fabrics that will allow you to breath, and keep the sweat off you.  Now, we know for some people, especially if you are walking at work, this can be hard!  Pay attention to how you feel and make sure you wear clothes that allow sweat to get off of you and keeps you from overheating!  

And a few more things.....

Everyone is different, so if anything comes up while you are walking, come and ask us!  We've heard it all, from chafing to blisters to sunburn and more!  Don't be scared to come and ask!  Our goal is to make walking a great experience for you!

Questions?  Reach out to us!

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