Importance of Hydration for Walkers

How much water do you drink?  Hydration is key to keep you going, feeling good, prevent injuries and even keep you mentally sharp!  Here are a few tips and facts to keep you going strong:

Did you know?

Dehydration is the leading cause of injuries for walkers and runners.

Dehydration hinders every bodily function to walk/exercise.

Every physical reaction in your body depends on proper fuel levels:

  • Heartbeat
  • Blood flow
  • Temperature regulation
  • Delivery of nutrients to cells
  • Waste disposal from system
  • Muscle function
  • Joint function

Dehydration impacts muscle toughness, even mild dehydration:

  • Reduces concentration levels
  • Negatively affects mood
  • Causes fatigue
  • Increases tension
  • Generates anxiety

Proper hydration is not a science.  Every BODY is different, so experiment with what works for you.  The goal is to keep your pee clear to light yellow.  And don't forget it's not just about the water, but also the electrolytes (potassium, magnesium, etc.).

Questions?  Stop by or call Fleet Feet Sports and our staff can help you find the best hydration plan for you!

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