Employee Spotlight: Brandon Meginley

Employee Spotlight: Brandon Meginley

In 2010, Brandon Meginley returned to Philadelphia from two years in New Orleans. While there, he embraced all the city had to offer - the culture, music, history and good friends. He also indulged in the culinary fare: muffulettas, beignets and pralines too. Back in Philly, he found that he was feeling sluggish more often than not and would benefit from eating less. He knew it was time to aim for fitness.

This was right around the time that calorie counting and exercise mobile apps were becoming popular. These newfangled ways to track eating and exercise helped a list-oriented person like Brandon to accomplish his goals. After three solid weeks of exercising a few days per week, eating good foods and managing caloric intake, he would MISS not going for a run in the morning. Staying at home and binge-watching Seinfeld was actually less compelling than running four miles on the Schuylkill River trail. And, he was less hungry. Over time, Brandon lost 25-30 lbs. It felt good.

Over the course of the last year, however, he has begun to shift slightly back in the other direction, he says. Brandon has joined many of the Health and Wellness programs that the city has offered - the WalkFIT Challenge, the Weight Loss Challenge, and nutrition classes. His past experience has proven that better health can be obtained, no matter from where you are starting. Joining his colleagues in weight loss and walking challenges has helped to give him the added encouragement that he needs to really get started again this Spring and Summer.


Brandon's Tips for Good Health

  • Avoid refined foods and added sugars, and eat whole foods
  • Exercise often and w/ variety, but take a couple days off each week
  • Exercise in groups or somewhere where other people are expecting you to show up, whenever possible
  • Only Eat! - don't eat while watching TV, looking at your phone, etc, and have an end of meal ritual - like a cup of tea, or a mint, or washing the dishes, as a way to mark that the meal is over
  • Meditate and take time away from screens each day to pay attention to your breath 
  • Bike or walk to work twice per week (if you're within a good distance)
  • Try counting calories and exercising for three weeks straight, you will find that suddenly you get true enjoyment from eating well and exercising
  • Don't overeat, but don't under eat either - your body will demand the energy someday and likely make you feel even more hungry

Brandon is a Senior Benefit Program Specialist for the City of Roanoke Department of Human/Social Services. 

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