Step into 2018 Challenge

The Step into 2018 Challenge started on Dec 2. Registration is closed, but stay tuned for details on our next Step Challenge, coming this summer!

Step into 2018 Challenge 

Registration is only $40, and includes 8 weeks of walks/runs/meetings, newsletters, access to coaches, and an opportunity to earn your $40 back in Fleet Feet bucks! We do require that all Step into 2018 Challenge participants be 18 years of age or older. The challenge runs from December 2-January 27. Our goal, to keep you moving all Winter long! There are options to do the entire 8 weeks, or break them up into 4 week segments. Remember, the more steps you take, the more opportunities you have to win prizes!

Weekly Walks/Runs

Weekly Step into 2018 Challenge workouts/meetings take place on Tuesday evenings at 6 PM at the Fleet Feet Sports Pub Run at the Green Goat. The Steppers will meet with Coach Tim each week at 6PM, submit their steps, cover some cool topics, and hit the Greenway at the same time as the Pub Run. Everyone can go at their own speed!

How do I sign up for the Step Into 2018 Challenge?

Registration for the Step into 2018 Challenge is now closed.

How does it work?  How do I earn Fleet Feet Bucks?

You earn bucks by getting in your steps!!! All participants are responsible for keeping their daily steps, whether through an APP on their phone or through a tracking device like Garmin. 

Weeks start Saturday and end on Friday. This will also coincide with Ton of Fun! Check out the link here. Challengers will submit their steps at the Pub Run, or through a form online.

Earning Your First $20 in Fleet Feet Bucks: Challengers must hit 150,000 steps (that's less than 2800 per day) AND points must be submitted weekly.

Earning your Second $20 in Fleet Feet Bucks: Challengers must hit 300,000 steps (that's less than 5700 per day) AND all steps must be submitted weekly.

AND...there's more! This year, Step Into 2018 is sponsored by Karhu! At 500,000 total steps, you receive a Karhu mug, at 750,000 steps, you receive a Karhu shirt, and at 1,000,000 steps you receive a super soft (and warm) Karhu sweatshirt!  

Questions? Contact us!

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