Good Habits of Fueling

Every runner and walker you talk to will tell you something different for when it comes fueling.  One thing everyone needs to remember is that no two runners/walkers are the same.  So with that said, let's dive into some general fueling tips that can apply to almost everyone.


Get started early in your training trying different types of fuel so you know what your body can handle.  Once you find something, stick to it.  For many runners and walkers this is a trial and error process and might take a few "hard" workouts before you find what works.


During a long run, if you are using a product similar to GU then it is recommended that you have your first GU at 30 minutes into your workout and then every 45 minutes after that.  The goal is to avoid the BONK and maintain your tank.  This will also help with your recovery process.


If you are using a drink during your workout that is high in calories, make sure you don't OVERDO your other calorie sources.  Many people who drink Gatorade or Powerade and then have a GU will experience stomach distress because there are too many sugars and carbs for your stomach to digest.


With all the products on the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed with internet research and magazines as to what is the best for you.  Stop by your local Fleet Feet Sports and talk with a professional about the difference between products, what to take when and what combinations to use and to avoid.  Remember, your local running store is here to help you!

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