No Boundaries Path to 5K Training

Our next No Boundaries Path to 5K Training Program starts on January 22, 2018!

The Spring No Boundaries Program is training for the Shamrock Hill 5K on March 17, 2018! Registration for this program is OPEN NOW!

No Boundaries Path to 5K Running and Walking

Cost of No Boundaries is $105 and that includes 8 weeks of workouts (three times a week), newsletters, access to No Boundaries Coaches who can answer questions, a Fleet Feet Running Club t-shirt, and more! And new this year, all 2018 Fleet Feet Running Club members can earn a uniquely designed program badge. Earn a different one as you finish each program, and showcase your collection on our brand new duffel bag, available for purchase later this spring.

Who is No Boundaries Path to 5K Running and Walking for?

Anyone who wants to incorporate running into their lifestyle. Anyone who wants to start moving. Anyone who is ready to meet new friends and become part of the Fleet Feet Sports family! We also have an option for those who want to start walking (if you're not ready to start running). We do require that all No Boundaries participants be 18 or older.

When and where do workouts take place?

Workouts take place on Tuesdays at 6PM, Thursdays at 6PM and Saturdays at 8AM

Tuesday evening workouts start at 6PM at The Green Goat (same place and time as the Tuesday night Fleet Feet Sports Pub Run & Walk). Thursday evening workouts start at 6PM and Saturday morning workouts start at 8AM at Reserve Avenue Fields North, across the street from Carilion Clinic 3 Riverside.

Anyone is welcome to TEST DRIVE a No Boundaries workout for FREE the first week of the session before signing up. Please check-in at the Fleet Feet Sports tent when you arrive.

When is orientation?

Orientation takes place on Sun, Jan 21 at 5:15PM at Fleet Feet Sports Roanoke, located at 4347 Franklin Rd, Roanoke VA.

How do I sign-up for No Boundaries?

Registration opens on Dec 20 and closes on Jan 28. Click here to register!

Please note: cost of the goal race is NOT included in registration!

Can you tell me more about the No Boundaries Path to 5K groups?

No Boundaries includes three groups: walking, interval running, and running. All groups will start at 1 mile and work up to a 5K (3.1 miles). Walkers walk the entire distance, interval running includes run/walk intervals starting at running for 30 seconds and walking for 2 minutes and finishing the program at running for 2 minutes and walking for 1 minute; and the running group runs with no breaks. No Boundaries Couch to 5K is all about the distance and having fun, so we don't have specific paces we're hitting!

Here's the great thing: if you start with one group and decide you want more of a challenge, or less, you can change groups! Make sure to talk with Coach Tim and your mentors for advice! Walkers can move to intervals, runners can move to intervals,  intervals can move to walking, etc.

Any rules?

All No Boundaries participants must have identification with emergency contact information on them at all workouts.

Earphones are NOT allowed at workouts.

Participants must have reflective gear and lights when warranted.

Participants must have a hydration system with them during all workouts. 

Participants must stay with a No Boundaries Mentor at all times. 

No strollers at workouts. 

No animals at workouts. 

What does the cost of No Boundaries go towards?

The registration fees go towards coaching staff, equipment, insurance and part of the registration goes back to the City of Roanoke to help maintain the Greenways and facilities that we use.

Questions? Contact us!

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