Jane Goode

Customer Service Manager & FIT Professional

Jane in the snow!

Jane running in the snow!!!

Jane Goode is the Fleet Feet Sports Roanoke Customer Service Manager and FIT Professional, and joined the team in January 2006. Although she was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she only lived there for six months, and considers Roanoke her hometown.

Jane started running because it’s a great way to get new shoes and outfits, and to get in shape while still eating pizza! Her favorite route to run is wherever her buddies are running.

Jane’s running must-have items are gloves, and even though she knows it’s weird, she’ll still wear them when temperatures are in the 50’s!  Post run, she enjoys a breakfast that consists of cereal, blueberries, and Homestead Creamery skim milk, along with a cup of coffee.

When she’s not running, Jane can be found napping! 

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