Do Your Feet Hurt?


Your feet play a key role in maintaining your health.  Almost 75% of Americans have had foot pain in their life. 

According to the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, each year 2 million sick days are lost due to lower limb disorders. Many of these sick days could be prevented by wearing the right shoe for the job and following a daily foot care routine. 


Do your feet hurt?  Then come see us!  Our FIT Professionals can help make recommendations to help ease the pain.  We also have a great list of medical referrals who specialize in foot health.


We specialize in fitting shoes.  That’s right, we deal with feet ALL DAY and we love it!  We will talk to you, listen to you, measure you and find shoes that not only fit properly, but feel good.

We SUPPORT you with Premium Insoles..  Even with the right fit of shoes, the majority of us need more of a custom support.  Insoles like Superfeet provide support, guidance and cushion to help heal foot pain and prevent it.

We massage you.  Massaging the foot and calf can be key to feeling better.  Loosening up the muscles and helping the blood flow can keep pain at ease.  And you don’t need to go to a massage therapist every day to get a massage, but can use simple and effective massage tools at home

We have even more solutions.  We carry products like the Strassburg Sock, compression socks and more!  With so many options, we are here to find the right FIT and solution for YOU!

If you are one of the 75% of Americans with foot pain, come and see us!  We would love to sit down, talk with you, listen to you and help you find solutions so that you can move better and feel better!

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